Memoirs of a Fatass


Sprinkle everything.

Maple pecan buttercream topped chocolate cake.

Maple pecan buttercream topped chocolate cake.

"Baby Q". Wonderful weather, excellent decor and amazing people. A babyshower bonanza.

Katy Perry - Birthday (Lyric Video) - YouTube

It’s my 30th birthday today. This is the first I can remember being excited over. What better way to kick off the day but to use this video that Katy dedicated to me?

Looking forward to decade domination!

Bucket-list item checked off.

I didn’t quite conquer the fear of a kayak, but I had fun being scared; if only because my BoyToy did most of the work while I had freak out sessions.

Something light on Newbury Street this gorgeous day.

Limeade and a tofu vermicelli roll with peanut sauce. This makes a total of three visits to this establishment and each one continues to satisfy.

Beantown Pho & Grill
272 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116

Jul 6

Wacky Weekends

The bad: I’m the only one at the cookouts/ parties/outings with the solo cup in hand on Sundays not caring while everyone else is packing it up in order to get ready for a Monday morning work routine.

The good: my Mondays and Tuesdays are quiet as shit because everyone else is at work while my toes are buried in the sand or some other leisurely activity they can all be mad at.

… I win. Basically, I have 2 weekends suckas.

Jul 3

Only 390 more buns to go.

Family & Friends

I always say I’d love to live in a different state for a while just to get away for a bit but then I’d miss the essence that is my life.

After a particularly long day at work, I thought I’d be going home to a shower and a nap. Instead, I was greeted by a visit from the grandparents, an outdoor fish fry, hamburger patty making and a steady stream of more people showing up.

I even got a bit dirty and helped my grandmother do some gardening. After me screaming over worms, spiders and a centipede… we called it a day in that department.

Live from the Boston’s Back Bay:

"Latin Spoon" food truck from which I got the chicken arepa.

I give it two thumbs down. The arepa was clearly made in advance in a commercial kitchen but they need to figure out better storing techniques to keep it from becoming hard. Moving on the chicken… Why? Why did they basically make a chicken salad mix (mayo, celery, etc) and throw a bit of avocado sauce on it to make it “Latin”.

This was a complete fail. Don’t go.